The Trust

The Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) Supporters Trust was formed in 1997. Its purpose is to protect Hauturu’s uniqueness for future generations.

The Trust works closely with DoC, the rangers on the island, and Ngāti Manuhiri, providing much-needed financial, practical and advocacy support.

The Trust’s current strategy has three integrated elements:

  1. Pampas and asparagus eradication. DoC’s goal is to eradicate pampas and asparagus from the island by 2022. That is achievable, but only if the Trust is able to provide substantial financial support.
  2. Research. We wish to support scientific research on the island by offering two scholarships a year to doctorate students.
  3. Protection using technology. The innovative use of leading-edge technologies has the potential to transform the way endangered species are protected on the island (for example, electronic monitoring of nests and traps; use of drones to identify weed patches).