2 September 2019

The stunning new book Hauturu will be hitting the shelves of your local bookstore in the next few weeks. However, for those who wish to support the work of the Littler Barrier Island (Hauturu) Supporters Trust we encourage you to purchase a copy direct from us by clicking on the button below. Any proceeds from these sales will come back to the Trust.

Co-edited by prolific conservationist and long-time advocate for Hauturu Dick Veitch and the Supporters Trust’s current Chair Lyn Wade, the new book Hauturu will be the definitive text on Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest, and perhaps most significant, nature reserve.

Written by experts across a range of fields, there are detailed chapters on the island’s plant and animal species, and the efforts to protect them, its geology and the seas around it, along with comprehensive species lists, all helping to convey the immense biodiversity of the island. 

The story of Hauturu is not just of its wildlife, but of the people who have lived and worked there. There are chapters on its early history, its beginnings as the country’s first nature reserve, and the conservation work that has been going on there for over 100 years. This new book will be a substantial publication at around 400 pages with a similar number of colour plates.

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