6 June 2019

The Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) Supporters Trust is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of a significant new publication on Hauturu (Little Barrier Island), enabled by the Trust and published by Massey University Press. Advanced purchases can now be made via the link at the bottom of the page.

Co-edited by prolific conservationist and long-time advocate for Hauturu Dick Veitch and the Supporters Trust’s current Chair Lyn Wade, the new book Hauturu will be the definitive text on Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest, and perhaps most significant, nature reserve.

Often described as the most intact native ecosystem in the country, Hauturu holds a special place in the minds of all New Zealanders interested in preserving our country’s unique natural heritage.  The new book will update, and expand on, WM Hamilton’s 1961 Little Barrier Island (Hauturu). Lyn Wade (Bill Hamilton’s daughter) spent many childhood holidays on Hauturu and has had a lifelong connection with the island. This collaboration between Lyn and Dick Veitch – a pioneer of pest eradication on the island in the 1970s and 80s – provided the opportunity to achieve something that has been a goal of the Supporters Trust since its inception over twenty years ago.

Written by experts across a range of fields, there are detailed chapters on the island’s plant and animal species, and the efforts to protect them, its geology and the seas around it, along with comprehensive species lists, all helping to convey the immense biodiversity of the island. Contributing authors include some of New Zealand’s most exciting scientific minds, including Matt Rayner, Richard Griffiths, Jan Lindsay, David Seldon, Stuart Parsons, Ewen Cameron, Jessica Beever, David Towns, Peter Buchanan and Roger Grace to name just a few.

The story of Hauturu is not just of its wildlife, but of the people who have lived and worked there. There are chapters on its early history, its beginnings as the country’s first nature reserve, and the conservation work that has been going on there for over 100 years. This new book will be a substantial publication at around 400 pages with a similar number of colour plates.

Hauturu will be launched in September 2019, with presales available now by clicking the button below.

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