What We can Do


The Trust supports the practice of controlling human impact "Threats" and appreciates that carefully managed access is the only way to ensure the safety of Hauturu and its inhabitants. Through a range of communications, the Trust urges supporters who are boaties and fishers to respect these controls, too, and to report any illegal activities they observe.

The Trust also realizes that the island is of immense interest to many New Zealanders. Therefore, in coordination with the Department of Conservation (DOC), it organizes special Working Weekend visits, led by Trustees. These activities allow anyone with a genuine interest in Hauturu not only to spend some time there, but also to contribute to useful projects on the island.

Participants come away with a deeper awareness of the importance of the island, having experienced first hand the compelling, some would say spiritual, presence of Hauturu.

Did you know?
Hauturu is vulnerable to exotic plant pests which can overwhelm native plant species. The major threats on the island are: climbing asparagus and pampas grass. Mexican devil and mistflower are also present.