Little Barrier Island Supporters Trust

From Hauturu Expedition To Art Exhibition

Little Barrier – An Island Sanctuary

Group exhibition: Russell Jackson, Tony Ogle, Brian Strong,

Paul Woodruffe and guest artist Don Binney      

This group exhibition, featuring paintings by some of New Zealand’s best known landscape artists is the result of an ‘artists in residence’ expedition to Hauturu last November, organised by Parnell Gallery owner Sally Souness.

Artists Russell Jackson, Tony Ogle, Brian Strong and Paul Woodruffe, with special permission from the Department of Conservation, stayed on the island for three days to draw and paint the unique endangered flora and fauna which make Hauturu one of the country's most important sanctuaries.     

Guest artist, Don Binney, Patron of the Hauturu Little Barrier Island Supporters Trust, has a long association with Hauturu. He joined the group on its voyage to the island, and has contributed three fine works to the exhibition – stunning views of Hauturu from the sea.    

Other paintings depict the untouched landscape and many of the rare birds and insects that live on Hauturu and which artists would not normally have the chance to study.

"Seeing these creatures in their natural habitat is in itself pretty amazing," said Sally, "but what struck the artists was to see them in such abundance. Whole flocks of kaka and kereru tumbling around in the pohutukawa groves and literally dozens of stitchbird and saddlebacks darting through the forest.    

"There are some very unusual landscape features as well, such as the massive boulder beaches. It was a feast of material to get the artists' creative juices going."

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